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Here’s a look at how 2021 went for me. Thank you to James Clear for the inspiration. Read some of my previous Years in Review:  2020 Year in Review2019 Year in Review   1. What went well?  I grew Edge, developed the company brand, and co-founded a second startup (Infinity AI)!  In 2019 I founded Edge […]Continue Reading


2020 Year in Review Wow… 2020. It’s certainly a year that has been seared into our collective memories and that will be studied for decades to come. Here’s a look on how 2020 went for me personally.   See My 2019 Year in Review. Thank you to James Clear for the inspiration.     1. What went […]Continue Reading


Today, I turn 30. Here are 30 things that I’ve learned in my 30 revolutions around the sun:   1. You can do everything you want, just not all at the same time.What does it mean to “have it all”? For me and many people it includes having a balance of work, family, friends, healthy habits […]Continue Reading


For over half a year, our team has started every all-hands meeting with a segment called “Inside Scoop.” Each week a different team member shows photos about anything they want for 5 minutes. This simple exercise has been a powerful way to get to know different sides of people on the team.   We got […]Continue Reading


At the start of 2020, I published a 2019 Year in Review including everything I tracked that year.  Since then, folks have asked me how I came up with the “2019 in Numbers” table, so here is my whole method of habit tracking explained. Since it’s a related yet more encompassing method than The Tomato […]Continue Reading


2019 Year in Review   Now that I am out of school, the end of the calendar year is finally a natural transition point during which it makes sense to stop and reflect. This is the first annual review that I am publicly sharing (inspired by James Clear). It is my opportunity to take stock […]Continue Reading


I sit cross-legged amidst the towers of papers. I lift another page from the top of the stack in front of me. My hand-written reflections to an excerpt from Dave Eggers. A prompt for a poetry final project. And a graded vocabulary quiz below it.   They say smell is supposed to trigger the strongest […]Continue Reading


They say the best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.  Here is my bad idea #134:  Drawn using Sketchable on Microsoft Surface.   Continue Reading


#EngineerInTheWards is a series based on my experiences and reflections during hospital rotations. I completed my PhD at the Harvard-MIT HST Program where I took approximately the first year of medical school coursework at Harvard and 3 months of clinical rotations, in addition to engineering coursework at MIT.   I started my hospital rotations thinking that the […]Continue Reading


I finished my PhD in Biomedical Engineering at a joint program between MIT and Harvard Medical School. During the last 9 months of my PhD, my life could be summarized by: work, eat, sleep, and repeat. There were times where I didn’t leave my apartment for days on end. It was a brutal schedule. I […]Continue Reading