I was absolutely thrilled to get a call from Dr. Murali Doraiswamy at Duke wanting to learn more about health hackathons and inviting me to give a talk about them at my alma matter. Of course, I was immediately interested. Here are my slides and a recording of my talk (apologies for the poor audio).   Hacking […]Continue Reading


They look like little grown ups.   The Ugandan children wear miniaturized versions of adult clothing, hold siblings in their arms, and stand proudly next to vegetable stands. I stare at them for hours as the van drives through Uganda, my forehead pressed against the window.   A little boy, about the height of two […]Continue Reading


I am flying over the Atlantic Ocean, going back home to Boston from Brussels. Nearly everyone on the plane is sleeping but I am curled up with my laptop thinking back to TEDxBrussels and unable to stop smiling. Unfortunately, I was the only one who got to stand on the TEDx stage on Monday, but […]Continue Reading


This is one of my favorite stories about medicine, wrong first assumptions, and love. I first heard it when Dr. David Bangsberg gave a guest lecture to my PhD class. I’ve been meaning to share this story for the past year but there were certain details that I forgot over time. I had a chance to fill in […]Continue Reading


I visited the Kinoni Health Center in Uganda. Below is their in-patient building. We entered the various wards with patients laying on metal bed frames with dirty strips of foam. We stood in the middle of the room and were told about the health clinic as the patients stared back at us. I felt offensive. I […]Continue Reading


I built a Twitter Fountain a few months ago for MIT Hacking Medicine’s Grand Hackfest. As an organizer for the event, I was sad that I wouldn’t get to build stuff at the event so I decided to build for the event instead. The goal was to encourage more people to tweet. The approach I took was […]Continue Reading


My dad, Jose Colucci, created two of the designs in IDEO’s “Design on Aging” collection. He says he becomes more and more of an expert on aging with each day. I helped him out by modeling for the “Gray Mirror” concept (check out the video below). The photo shoot took place one afternoon in our […]Continue Reading


Health sensors will eventually diagnose every illness, disease, and ailment. In 20 years, diagnosis will no longer be part of the physician’s job description. Doctors get agitated when they hear this. “Never!” they proclaim. “Maybe for simple ailments but machines certainly can’t diagnose complex, multi-faceted diseases. We’ll always need talented physicians for those situations.” I […]Continue Reading


I recently met with Dr. Mehmet Toner to discuss my PhD project and he gave me great advice on developing a proposal for my oral qualifying exam (or, more broadly, for any scientific presentation). There are two key elements one must nail at the beginning before the committee lets you go on explaining your proposed […]Continue Reading


Apply for Healthcare’s Grand Hackfest on March 14-16th at the MIT Media Lab!    A joint production by MIT’s H@cking Medicine and the Kauffman Foundation.  About 300-400 participants will be flying in from across the country, Canada, Uganda, and India to tackle some of healthcare’s biggest problems! By participating, you will meet a ton of […]Continue Reading