Growing up, I would hover around my dad (an engineer and designer) as he worked on design projects and presentations. When I was 12, I watched him use Adobe Photoshop and asked if I could give it a try. He said it was too hard for me, which, of course, meant I immediately set to work in proving him wrong. I started teaching myself Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe Design Suite soon followed. Graphic design has been a hobby ever since.

1. Wind Ensemble Survival Guide

An informational guide book I created in 2007 for the Honors Wind Ensemble at Lexington High School. Full document can be seen at:

survival_guide_Page_01survival_guide_Page_02 survival_guide_Page_19

2. Scientific Presentations

For my final project in BME.248 Tissue Engineering at Duke, I worked with Swarnali, Robyn, and Divya to develop a proposal for a novel tissue engineering therapy for uterine fibroids. I designed our final presentation (2011).

Uterine Tissue Engineering_1b

Uterine Tissue Engineering_2b

Uterine Tissue Engineering_8b

Uterine Tissue Engineering_7b

3. “One Love” CEO4TEENS

A fellow Robertson Scholar, Kenny Haisfield, founded a non-profit organization called CEO4Teens which provides less fortunate teenagers in Indonesia a one-year education at Campuhan College. As a fundraising initiative called “One Love” Kenny sold rasta bands as way to unite teenagers on opposite sides of the globe. I made this poster for “One Love” in 2008.


4. Fly Delta

Promotional flyer for Delta Week (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.). I made this in 2009 when working for the Duke Innovative Design Agency (DiDA).


5. Cult of Jeff Leonard

A comical T-shirt I made to honor our high school music director, Jeff Leonard. On the last day of class, everyone in the band wore this shirt underneath their normal clothes and at the end of rehearsal we all took off our sweaters to reveal this shirt.