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Apply for Healthcare’s Grand Hackfest on March 14-16th at the MIT Media Lab!    A joint production by MIT’s H@cking Medicine and the Kauffman Foundation.  About 300-400 participants will be flying in from across the country, Canada, Uganda, and India to tackle some of healthcare’s biggest problems! By participating, you will meet a ton of […]Continue Reading


This is the century where medicine will become information science. All aspects of health will be quantified with the help of healthcare logistics companies. Sensors on or inside a person’s body will send physiological and behavioral data wirelessly to the Cloud where algorithms will interpret that information in the light of the person’s medical history […]Continue Reading


I have carried a notebook every day since age 7, and one of the “rules” I invented along the way is writing a quote on the first page before I am allowed to write anything else. Once the journal is filled, I write a different, complementary quote on the last page. I am not particularly […]Continue Reading


The Boston Marathon is a joyous occasion. A sea of spectators outlines Boylston Street to cheer and encourage waves of runners in bright shirts and colorful sneakers. A woman runs by pushing a young girl curled up in a wheelchair. “You’re doing great!”, yells someone in the crowd. Sid holds my hand and we make […]Continue Reading


Society is now such that our online identity is as important as our physical one. In an effort to take control of my online presence, I decided to create this site. Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon to see what’s new.   PS –  I apologize to the other Lina […]Continue Reading