This is the century where medicine will become information science. All aspects of health will be quantified. Sensors on or inside a person’s body will send physiological and behavioral data wirelessly to the Cloud where algorithms will interpret that information in the light of the person’s medical history and genetic makeup and enable individuals to […]Continue Reading


I have carried a notebook every day since age 7, and one of the “rules” I invented along the way is writing a quote on the first page before I am allowed to write anything else. Once the journal is filled, I write a different, complementary quote on the last page. I am not particularly […]Continue Reading


The Boston Marathon is a joyous occasion. A sea of spectators outlines Boylston Street to cheer and encourage waves of runners in bright shirts and colorful sneakers. A woman runs by pushing a young girl curled up in a wheelchair. “You’re doing great!”, yells someone in the crowd. Sid holds my hand and we make […]Continue Reading


Society is now such that our online identity is as important as our physical one. In an effort to take control of my online presence, I decided to create this site. Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon to see what’s new.   PS –  I apologize to the other Lina […]Continue Reading